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Personal Training focus
General Fitness and Wellbeing
Strength & Conditioning 
Weight Loss & Toning
One-on-One Personal Training
Small group training
Older client strength, balance and mobility
Boxing for fitness

Relevant Qualifications

National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant)

Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

Paul Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

HMC Holistic Movement Coach

FEO Bootcamp Level 1 and 2

Pelvic Floor Workshop


Angela joined a gym for a trial period over 30 years ago and has been a regular gym-goer ever since. It quickly became a very important part of her routine and she challenged herself, her friends and colleagues with a number of fun exercise events such as ‘Tongariro crossing, ‘Tough Guy and Gal’ and Round the Bays. Keeping fit and strong was very important to her volunteer work with Search and Rescue over the last 12 years as there were a lot of tracks to cover and stretchers to carry.

Angela understands the challenges of working with changing hormones in order to maintain health and weight along with flexibility and movement patterns. She’s also had her share of negotiating injuries, niggles, and most recently re-strengthening after hip surgery.

Angela will develop a plan to address body imbalances and work with you to achieve your personal fitness and wellness goals, taking into account all of the attributing factors such as sleep, nutrition, hydration, movement, energy, body and stress as part of your plan.


A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but its persistence.