The launch of the all-new BLACKROLL® HUB within Peak Health and Fitness brings about an opportunity for the good people of Hawkes' Bay from every walk of life to recover faster from a physical perspective, prevent injury, reduce chronic pain and muscle damage all whilst increasing flexibility, strength & performance on the award-winning BLACKROLL® Range of myofascial release products whilst under the expert guidance of fully qualified trainers.

Here at Peak Fitness and Health, we're proud to offer New Zealand's first BLACKROLL® HUB.


BLACKROLL® is the ideal tool for regeneration and self-massage to release the myofascial (connective tissue of muscle and muscle groups).

BLACKROLL® helps to prevent muscle aches and improves recovery to increase performance.

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Your BLACKROLL Trainers

Bob Pearce
Health Type: Activator

Lisa Samuels
Health Type: Diplomat

Janine Couchman
Health Type: Activator

Andy Curran
Health Type: Activator

Neil Wagstaff
Health Type: Crusader

Jess Hanara
Health Type: Diplomat

Angela Ranson
Health Type: Connector